Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Sprout The Sprouting process

Take the bean that you are sprouting, wash well and soak it in water for 6 hours, then drain the beans from water, store it in a vessel or a muslin cloth. The sprouts starts coming out overnight.

If you are planning to make mixed bean or berry sprouts, then you got to know how long each one takes to sprout . It also depends on the climatic conditions of the place you reside. I am giving details based on our climatic conditions.

After sprouting Moong dal and enjoying it over months, we have now moved to sprouting other beans like Chick pea, Peas, Black Eye Pea, Wheat Berries.

We either eat them as such raw, or par boil it for few minutes and make a salad. You can even stir fry it to make it more edible. But my catch you, if you eat this regularly you will get used to it.

Sprouting time for Moong Dal, Peas, Black Eye Pea,

All these beans take about the same time to sprout. All these have to be sprouted separately. Wash the beans and soak in water for 6-8 hours. Then drain the water from the beans. Store these separately for about 6 hrs or overnight. By morning, you will find the sprouts, Store these in fridge to prevent further sprouting. When you store in fridge, the sprouting speed is reduced but not stopped.

Chick pea.

Follow the same process as above, but this takes few more hours extra for sprouting to start.

Wheat Berry

Wheat berries take the longest time to germinate. Soak the Wheat berries for 6 hours, then drain in and store in a vessel overnight, Next day you can again wash in water and drain and store for another 6 hrs.Totally it takes about 2 days for a Wheat Berry to sprout.

When you have all the beans sprouted, you can make a mixed sprout salad with or without adding vegetables. Since Moong dal, Peas and Black Eye pea are soft, they can be consumed raw. But you can parboil the chick pea and Wheat berries before eating them.

Also since these sprouts are rich in enzymes and mineral, its advisable to consume in small quantities.

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